Guidelines for Professional Behavior

Guidelines for Professional Behavior at a TWS Annual Conference

The Western Section of The Wildlife Society’s mission is to enhance the ability of wildlife professionals and wildlife students to conserve diversity, sustain productivity, and ensure responsible use of wildlife resources and their habitats. To accomplish this, we encourage our members to present novel ideas and share their unique experiences to help us progress as a profession. We thank you in advance for being respectful and keeping an open mind to new ideas and perspectives presented. Thank you! 

A TWS Annual Conference provides an important opportunity for education, exchange of ideas, mentoring young conservationists, networking with fellow wildlifers, and engagement with colleagues in a variety of ways. Our hope is that each attendee will benefit from their participation during the conference. Even as we recognize the importance of and strive for diversity in our natural world, we acknowledge the contribution of individual diversity to our profession. As stated in our long-standing Position Statement on Workforce Diversity in the Wildlife Profession, “The Wildlife Society recognizes the value of including the richness of human diversity in our efforts to discover, educate, inform policy, and involve the public in wildlife science and management.”

In this light and with the goal of ensuring that the annual conference is welcoming and inclusive for all, we put forward the following guidelines for professional behavior during the annual conference:

  • All participants should be treated with respect and consideration, valuing the diversity of views and opinions that may be different than those you hold;
  • Communicate with respect for others; critique ideas rather than individuals;
  • Avoid personal attacks directed towards conference participants;
  • Be mindful of your colleagues and your surroundings;
  • Professionalism should be exercised at all time.

The following are examples of behavior that will not be tolerated at the annual conference, including oral and poster sessions and other organized meetings whether at the conference center or off-site:

  • Harassment, threats, intimidation or discrimination of any kind or in any form;
  • Physical or verbal abuse;
  • Verbal comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, national origin which may reasonably be interpreted as offensive, insulting, or obscene or engaging in any conduct of a stalking or threatening nature directed to any conference participant or attendee.
  • Behavior deemed to be excessively loud and/or disruptive of a meeting or any other event taking place during the annual conference.
  • Unlawful conduct or activity of any kind. Reporting of Inappropriate Behavior:
  • If you are the subject of or witness conduct in violation of these guidelines at the annual conference please notify a TWS staff member.
  • TWS will use reasonable efforts to respond and attempt to resolve the matter in a timely manner respectful of the parties and necessary to ensure the continued integrity and quality of the conference.

TWS at all times reserves the right, in its sole and reasonable discretion, to have individuals acting in an unprofessional manner or contrary to these guidelines removed from the conference or any meeting or event taking place at the conference and the right to prohibit attendance at any future meeting. Attendance at the TWS Annual Conference is a privilege, not a right.

We appreciate your attention to these guidelines and wish you a productive and meaningful annual conference.